Cats And Dogs At War
By Dave Macleod, Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Season 14 (episodes 16-20)
Channel Premiere
Fridays at 07:30, 12:45 and 18:55,  from 20th January to 10th February

Cats and Dogs at War meets families whose fighting pets have turned their homes into a daily battlefield. With no end to hostilities in sight, distraught owners have called on animal behaviour experts Chirag Patel and Nanci Creedon to help them secure a truce. The stakes are high for everyone….if Nanci, the doggy drill sergeant, and Chirag, the quirky cat counsellor, can’t break up the feud, one of these beloved pets may need to be rehomed before the other is seriously injured.  Fortunately, these experts come armed with plenty of tricks ...

Extreme Salvage Squad
Posted on Tuesday 29th November 2022

Season 3
Channel Premiere
Saturday and Sundays at 07:50 and 18:50, from 4th December to 7th January

Any job, any time... Enter the high-stakes world of marine recovery and rescue with Extreme Salvage Squad. Based in the Whitsunday region of North Queensland in Australia, the team tackle time-critical, dangerous salvage missions where one mistake could mean serious injury or financial disaster. They are faced with a region devastated by a recent category 4 cyclone that caused massive damage and left the area littered with broken vessels and vehicles.

But filled with true Aussie grit and a determination to see the job done, the team meet every challenge hea...

My Worst Nightmare
Posted on Thursday 27th October 2022

Season 1
Channel Premiere
Saturday and Sunday at 08:40, 19:45 and 01:50 from 19th November to 18th December

We  all dream every night for about 2 hours and nearly 6 years of our lives are spent dreaming. But for some people, drifting off to sleep transports them into a dark and nefarious world, where they come face to face with unimaginable horrors. Nightmares are not just figments of our imagination - they transport us to an unknown paranormal realm, where interaction with sinister spirits and demonic entities becomes very real, and very dangerous.

My Worst Nightmare is a documentary series that brings these harrowing nightmares to life in v...

Fraud Squad
Posted on Monday 3rd October 2022

Season 1-4
Channel Premiere
Weekdays at 21:35 and 01:25 from 3rd October to 25th November.

The hunt is on, as Michelle Ackerley enters the murky criminal world of fraud, following a crack team of investigators whose job is to catch and convict anyone with their hand in the UK’s public purse.

Featuring a fantasist fraudster leading a double life, a multi-million pound scam targeting the disabled, decadent dentists with lavish lifestyles, and even a dishonest headmaster creating a sex dungeon using school  funds - we uncover the biggest and most shocking cases of theft from public services like Education, HMRC and the NHS. Joining the men and women on...

My Life With A Disfigurement
Posted on Tuesday 30th August 2022

Channel Premiere
Saturday 10th September at 07:05 and 20:40.

In this emotionally charged film we follow three extraordinary young people living with facial disfigurement - in emotional accounts they reveal their battles to overcome how others see them. Over a million people in the UK live with some type of disfigurement.

Growing up in a world where image is everything, looking different can be a huge challenge, but these young people are determined not to let their disfigurement hold them back. We meet 25-year-old Yasmin, who suffers from a rare condition called Parry Romberg syndrome, which is a degenerative disease destroying the tissue on the left side of her...

Women On The Force
Posted on Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Season 1 & 2
Channel Premiere
Weekdays at 07:30,12:45, 21:35, from 1st to 22nd August.

With unprecedented access to West (Season 1) and North (S2) Yorkshire Police, from the Chief Constable to emergency response officers on the frontline, this landmark series reveals the realities of policing in Britain today and the everyday pressures and challenges which women officers at every level have to confront. 

Each episode charts the unfolding stories of three women across a week long shift for the force. With frontline policing tougher than ever, every shift gives an insight into the demands the job can place on their lives – both while on du...

Inside The Force 24/7
Posted on Thursday 23rd June 2022

Season 1
Channel Premiere
Thursdays and Fridays at 21:35, from 7th to 15th July.
Repeated weekends at 20:40 and 01:00, from 9th to 17th July.

This new four part series goes deep inside West Parade nick, Lincolnshire’s busiest police station.  The series follows the different layers of the force as in-the-moment decisions are made and the police react.   The station is home to over 180 officers who look after a city of nearly two hundred thousand but they are the country’s least funded force.  This series goes behind the station doors, from the custody suite and the over stretched response officers to the force control room and t...

When Luxury Holidays Go Horribly Wrong
Posted on Thursday 2nd June 2022

Channel Premiere
Saturday 4th June at 07:00 and 20:40
Repeated on Thursday 9th June at 18:55 and 23:20

The holiday industry is worth a jaw-dropping 45 billion pounds a year. And for those choosing to spend big and go 5 star, only the best will do. From swanky hotels to luxurious cruises, when these holidays go right they're perfect paradises and much needed R&R in the lap of luxury. But when it goes horribly wrong, it can be catastrophic. Actress Glynis Barber narrates this one hour special.

There are first-hand interviews with the real-life people whose holidays ended in disaster. Highlights include chartered accountant Bill ...

Scariest Night Of My Life
Posted on Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Season 1
Channel Premiere
Weekdays at 09:30, 19:45 and 01:50 from 16th May to 1st June

We all have a scary memory that we have locked away – not wanted to relive it.  “Scariest Night of My Life” unlocks that frightening and unnerving memory that at times, is too painful to remember. Individuals will share paranormal nights that they thought they’d never survive, when there was no way out – a night that would never end.

Beverly Hills Pawn
Monday 6 February
Scariest Night of My Life
Saturday 4 February
Monday 6 February