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Deal Makers

Robbed, Raided, Reunited


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Robbed, Raided, Reunited

Airing Monday 30th May o 10:15 CET

Robbed, Raided, Reunited

Killer in the Family

Airing Saturday 4th June o 19:00 CET

Killer in the Family

Las Vegas Jailhouse

Airing Monday 30th May o 22:25 CET

Las Vegas Jailhouse

Body of Evidence

Airing Thursday 2nd June o 22:50 CET

Body of Evidence

Tonight at primetime


Tonight on CBS Reality @ 19:50 CET

Genre: Series / Factual

Series 15, Episode 21

Hidden camera footage gathered by the Cheaters private investigators confirms another suspecting partner's worst nightmare.

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Catch More Close Calls On Camera This June

Posted in Features, Monday 30th May 2016

Close Calls On CameraWe live in a day and age where technology allows us to film every minute of every day from every possible viewpoint.

Close Calls On Camera shows the split-second moments when everyday events are transformed into disasters and meets the people who lived to tell the tale.

Unmissable and gripping, this is the series that brings real-life vividly to your screens. You won;t want to miss a breath-taking minute!

Close Calls On Camera from June 20th on CBS Reality.

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