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Cold Blood

Airing Friday 26th August o 20:40 CET

Cold Blood


Airing Friday 26th August o 19:50 CET


Exhibit A

Airing Friday 26th August o 14:50 CET

Exhibit A

Jail: Las Vegas Jailhouse

Airing Friday 26th August o 19:00 CET

Jail: Las Vegas Jailhouse

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Genre: Series / Factual

Series 14, Episode 19: EP 19

Hidden camera footage gathered by the Cheaters private investigators confirms another suspecting partner's worst nightmare.

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Posted in Features, Wednesday 24th Aug 2016

Minute By MinuteMinute by Minute provides a detailed hour by hour account of what surrounded key happenings of recent times

Tracing the hours leading up to some of the most significant newsworthy events over the last thirty years the programme is packed with key witness testimony, new interviews, reconstruction and archive footage.

Minute By Minute weekdays at 9pm on CBS Reality.

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