This June on CBS Reality
By Dave Macleod, Monday 2nd June 2014

hardcore_pawnHARDCORE PAWN (series 11 ep 7 to 13)
Weekdays DOUBLE BILL 12:00, 18:00 and 00:00 from 2nd to 5th June

In the heart of Detroit’s 8 Mile sits a record breaking pawnbrokers with a big reputation.  Run by Les Gold and his children Ashley and Seth, ‘American Jewelery and Loan’ has been a family business for three generations. For many in the neighbourhood the store provides a regular quick cash service. No item is turned down and 40,000 ‘treasures’ are stored within the 50,000 square foot vaults holding anything from false teeth to expensive jewellery and some strange taxidermy. 

Behind every item there’s a story and the best are shared here in this latest series, exclusively on CBS Reality. Even the Golds cannot predict who or what will happen next, as the sometimes shocking, always entertaining characters burst through the doors with their minds set on a deal. The Golds may have their differences when it comes to settling on a deal, but always stick together in the face of a customer meltdown and work together for the success of the store.

In the world of Hardcore Pawn, all that glitters is most certainly Gold’s!

JAIL  (series 4)
Monday to Thursdays DOUBLE BILL 22:00 and 02:40 from 4th to 18th June

Jail highlights the daily interactions between officers and inmates in jails across the United States.  The camera crews follow jail employees during their shifts in Texas, Las Vegas, California, Florida and several other facilities located around the country.  Some of the various charges that the arrestees are brought in on are public intoxication, domestic violence, malicious destruction, prostitution, possession of drugs and trespassing.

The officers on duty deal with yelling, tears, physical aggression, medical issues, the mentally ill, as well as people who just don’t take their arrests seriously. Fortunately for the jail employees, they have restraint chairs, spit guards, taser guns and pepper spray at their disposal to help them survive their shifts.   

Jail offers a unique insight into a world that is normally hidden from view, where the stories and characters are as compelling as they are real. Series 4 opens with an elderly cross-dresser who has been arrested for menacing passengers on a city bus and brought into the Multnomah County Justice Center in Portland, Oregon. A sergeant begins to search the man who says he no longer dresses in men’s clothes. He explains that he was only trying to alter a new pair of platform shoes with his knife to make them fit his feet, and was not undressing on the bus as the arresting officers had said!

Later in the series, a woman and her daughter, who have been arrested on shoplifting charges, are spending the mother’s birthday inside the jail. The daughter tells officers that she is glad her mother has been arrested, and hopes that this time will be the last time for them both. The mother tells officers that she is on a drug store’s worth of pain pills, and is warned that she cannot take any pills while she is there. Later, the mother has to be strip-searched when officers notice that she is taking the contraband out of her bra.

Simultaneously, a combative young woman, already placed in a spit mask and restraint chair upon her arrival at the jail, goes berserk during medical questioning.

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:00, 17:00 and 23:00 from 11th June continuing into next month

Emergency Bikers shadows the frontline heroes of the UK’s Ambulance Services as they treat patients and attend to urgent medical needs, while several police forces diligently patrol the roads to keep the public safe and catch out illegal road users. Emergency Bikers is full of real-life dramatic and life-threatening events.

Series 5 opens with a high-octane first episode as a sporty stag weekend goes horribly wrong for the husband to be, a teenage diabetic is slipping in and out of consciousness, and a young mum is going into labour dangerously early. Later in the series, one biker cop unearths a huge drugs stash in the boot of a car and for another, there’s a VIP to safely escort to a special event.

Weekdays 14:00 and 19:00 from 23rd June continuing into next month repeated weekends at 09:00 and 17:00

Every day almost 11,000 babies are born in the United States. That's one baby every eight seconds. But every three-and-a-half minutes a baby is born with complications. Pre-term labour, placenta previa, maternal haemorrhage, and breech births are some of the most common issues that delivering mothers can face.

Babies: Special Delivery explores the drama of real-life pregnancies and the moment of delivery. Each episode, we get to know the expectant mothers and soon-to-be fathers, and chart the progress of the baby about to be born, all the while hoping for a positive resolution.

Monday to Thursdays  22:00 and 02:40 from 23rd June continuing into next month

Sins & Secrets employs real life footage, dramatic reconstructions and witness interviews to reveal the grim truth of the concealed criminal underworld which can be discovered in every neighbourhood.

This series uncovers brutal crimes which shook neighbourhoods leaving communities wondering who would be next and paranoid of every stranger in town, and shows no one can ever be sure of what is really happening behind the net curtains of suburbia…  

Botched Up Bodies
Sunday 5 February
Judge Judy
Friday 3 February
The Three Day Nanny
Thursday 2 February