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Genre: Series / Factual

Series 2, Episode 5

A docu-drama series detailing stories of dream getaways torn apart by a horrific murder. Each episode tells of how an idyllic trip turned deadly, and of the investigation that followed.

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New And Exclusive To CBS Reality - Killer Doctors On Death Row

Posted in Features, Sunday 23rd Aug 2015

Killer Doctors On Death Row explores the dark and sinister motives of medical professionals who commit the biggest abuse of trust with their patients. Instead of using their expertise and access to drugs to heal their patient’s illnesses, they use their power to murder unsuspecting victims.

The series delves deep into these sinister acts committed by the featured doctors and nurses and will attempt to uncover the evidence and motive behind each case.

Exclusive and unmissable Killer Doctors On Death Row starts September 7th 10pm with new episodes on Sunday and Monday evenings.

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