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Missing With Troy Dunn

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Genre: Series / Factual

Series 3, Episode 5

Amid the untouched backdrop of Alaska, people go missing at an eerily high rate. It's a place where you can live off grid and for a murderer, it provides the perfect cover.

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Don't Miss The Season 1 Finale Of Stalkers Who Kill On May 8th

Posted in Features, Tuesday 26th Apr 2016

The brand new CBS Reality original series, Stalkers Who Kill immerses viewers into the terror of being stalked.

The horrifying reality of the life of a victim under siege from a stalker comes to life through contemporary stories from around the world. The series features actors in each episode who relive the turmoil of the victim’s emotions.

Expert psychologists, criminologists, former top-cops and journalists unpick the motives and machinations of stalkers and reveal the fear in the victim’s lives.

The season finale is as gripping as the rest of the series and makes for unmissable television. Don't miss it at 10pm on May 8th... read more