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Contract Killers: Who Murdered...

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Contract Killers: Who Murdered...

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The Suffolk Strangler

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Troubled Teens: Jail Shock

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Forensic Investigators

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Snapped: Killer Couples

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Genre: Series / Factual

Series 4, Episode 10

This series features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts, through recreations and gripping firsthand accounts

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Explore Deadly Waters In October On CBS Reality

Posted in Features, Monday 19th Sep 2016

Water is at the centre of the human experience. It is the source of life on earth but it is also a place of mystery and danger where the proof of evil deeds can disappear forever. Dark Waters Of Crime looks into the horrors water can contain when murder is involved.

For criminals, water is a perfect accomplice for the perfect crime: it erases, engulfs and carries away the bodies, the weapons and the evidence.

For detectives, water is the crafty adversary. It never confesses, forcing the detectives to employ extraordinary measures to discover the truth.  Dark Waters of Crime does not simply oppose the criminals and the detectives.  It brings into play a third party, powerful, mysterious... read more