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Ice Cold Killers

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Donal MacIntyre: Murder In...

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OAPs Who Kill

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Genre: Series / Factual

Series 9, Episode 15: PINNED BY THE EVIDENCE

Real life crimes are solved using advanced medical techniques. A street fight that claimed the life of a wrestling champion led to a murder trial.

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Christmas Night Is A Time For Cracking Crime

Posted in Features, Monday 28th Nov 2016

Want some real life crime stories this Christmas time? We have back-to-back episodes of Catch My Killer for you.

Expect twists and turns around every corner as each episode invites viewers on an emotional journey between past and present, as unsolved homicides are reopened.

The series shows how time, technology, and burdens of the past combine to reopen old cases and old wounds, in an effort to solve haunting whodunit mysteries. The aim is to finally put the culprits behind bars, and give loved ones long-awaited peace of mind.

Catch My Killer Night runs on December 25th from 9pm.

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