The Jury Room: Case 6 - Omar Benguit
By Dave Macleod, Thursday 25th May 2017

In the early hours of 12 July 2002, a masked man stabbed Korean student Jong-ok Shin three times in the back as she walked home alone from a night out in the seaside town of Bournemouth. Terrified and thousands of miles away from her family, the 26 year old died from her injuries.

It was a random cowardly attack; she had no defense wounds as she didn’t even get the chance to fight back. The whole community, students and locals were horrified.

6 weeks later, a prostitute with a drug habit called Beverly Brown, who had known Benguit, was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. She gave police hints as to who had committed the murder. Ms Brown told police that she drove three men to an area close to where the stabbing happened, picking them up later and observing that Omar Benguit had blood on his t-shirt. The witness told police she also saw Benguit wrapping an object in a towel, which he then put into a shopping bag and stored under a seat.

Police were unable to find any forensic evidence to link Benguit to the crime and a murder weapon has never been recovered. The prosecution’s case was that Benguit was assisted with the murder from the other men and Beverly Brown had observed incriminating actions and behaviours.

After two failed trials, where a jury could not reach a verdict on murder, prosecutors secured permission from authorities to bring a third trial in 2005. Here, a jury found Omar Benguit guilty of murder. He was given a life sentence and told he would serve a minimum of 20 years.

He has lost two subsequent appeals, but since his conviction new evidence has emerged which throws doubt on whether Benguit is the real killer.  Beverley Brown went on national TV and said she saw Omar stab Oki when she had already told three juries she didn’t see the murder. The inconsistency of her post-trial statements and CCTV evidence prove she made false claims about the events and this calls into question the reliability of her as a witness. The defense team for Benguit also suggests the real culprit is a known killer, named Danillo Restivo. Living in Bournemouth, he had a reputation for attacking women with a knife and wearing a mask. Could Omar Benguit be in prison for Danillo’s crime?

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Snapped: Killer Couples season 13 begins this October on CBS Reality
By James W, Sunday 29th August 2021
Killer Couples

Snapped: Killer Couples is a gripping series that features couples whose passion drove them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through re-creations and first-hand accounts, each episode delves into the stories behind the couples' romance, how their relationship evolved once love transformed into manipulation and what ultimately drove them to commit crimes.

From a teenage couple who embark on a multi-state crime spree to lesbian lovers who stop at nothing to eliminate one of their husbands; viewers are given unprecedented access into these relationships.

Snapped: Killer Couples Season 13 begins 4th October at 10pm on CBS Reality.

Homicide's Elite: Season 3 continues in October on CBS Reality
Posted on Sunday 29th August 2021
Homicides Elite

Detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez have worked hundreds of homicides together - if these two are on the case, the bad guys are going to prison.

In episode six of season three of Homicide's Elite, Vince and Quinn are contacted about a cold case murder from 1988, when Leonard Hill was found shot to death and left on the side of the road in Mechanicsville.

Twenty-eight years after the murder, his son, Antonio Taylor, wants his dad’s killer brought to justice and has requested the case be reopened. After days digging into the case file and getting nowhere, Quinn and Vince are at a dead end... until Antonio reveals he may know more than he had previously let on. He tells Q...

Injustice with Nancy Grace is a CBS Reality channel premiere in October
Posted on Sunday 29th August 2021
Injustice with Nancy Grace

Renowned legal analyst and former felony prosecutor Nancy Grace draws upon her vast knowledge and expertise as she unravels mysterious and enthralling true crime cases, the acclaimed series Injustice with Nancy Grace.

Each standalone episode delves into a captivating, multi-layered story of injustice, from wrongful accusations to botched investigations to unjust sentences and more.

Through first-hand interviews, archival footage and Nancy's unique perspective, the series shines a light on these untold cases and the fight for justice.

Injustice with Nancy Grace begins 6th October at 10pm on CBS Reality.

Murder by the Sea: Season 6 starts this September on CBS Reality
Posted on Sunday 29th August 2021
Murder by the Sea Season 6

Crime historian and author Dr Nell Darby reprises her role as the host of Murder by the Sea in season six, as she investigates further cases of seaside murders, including a case in which Philip Manning, the perpetrator, sparked a nationwide manhunt after killing his wife in a small town near Newport, Wales, on Christmas Day 1994. And the murder of Margaret Wilson which took over three years to solve, with the police interviewing hundreds of leads and utilising state of the art technology to eventually catch the perpetrator.

In this new series of Murder by the Sea, viewers will join Nell on a journey to the cliff's edge, where the land meets the sea, and where life mee...

When "I do" can be a deadly answer! Fatal Vows continues on CBS Reality this September
Posted on Sunday 8th August 2021

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – how do you get from there to the desperately sad - and terrifying - moment when one of you is staring death in the face, begging for your life?

Season 4 of Fatal Vows traces the deadly and tragic path from “I do” to “you’re dead” in thirteen stories of marriages beyond repair. The series uses personal interviews, family photos, expert commentary and dramatic reenactments to understand how the relationships so tragically deteriorate. We’ve all wanted to kill our spouses, so what leads one partner to commit that final, gruesome act?

Fatal Vows answers that question in episodes that range from ...

Donal MacIntyre is back on CBS Reality in August
Posted on Monday 5th July 2021
Donal Macintyres Murder Files Season 2

Renowned undercover reporter and criminologist Donal MacIntyre returns to present the second season of this CBS Reality Original series examining some of the most intriguing and challenging crimes of recent years, as seen through the first-hand experiences of the men and women who ensured justice was carried out.

Each episode includes an in-depth interview with the lead detective who solved the case in question. Using dramatic reconstruction, archive footage, and police tapes, MacIntyre takes the viewer through all the twists and turns, the setbacks and the dangers, to the turning point that led to the case being solved. The viewer will find out...

Old cases are reopened this July in Cold Justice
Posted on Friday 18th June 2021
Cold Justice

Cold Justice follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and a team of crime scene investigators and detectives as they crack cold cases.

Kelly Siegler, a Texas prosecutor for 21 years who has successfully tried 68 murder cases, and her team of crime scene investigators and trained detectives, put their vast knowledge and experience to work helping local law-enforcement officers and families of violent-crime victims get to the truth.

With a fresh set of eyes on old evidence, superior interrogation skills and access to advanced DNA technology and lab testing, Siegler is determined to bring about a legal and emotional resolution.

Taking on a different unsolved crime each episode, ...

Premiere episodes of Season 3 of Evidence of Evil in June
Posted on Monday 17th May 2021
Evidence of Evil

Season 3 of the original true crime series Evidence of Evil explores and reconstructs some of the most intriguing and startling criminal cases of the past two decades, where technology changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice.

Featuring key witness testimony, new interviews, reconstructed sequences and archive footage, the series showcases the hard work and dedication of investigators, police, scientists, and other experts in their fields.

Premiere episodes of Evidence of Evil from 7th June at 10pm on CBS Reality.

Fatal Vows Season 3
Posted on Thursday 1st April 2021

Season 3
Weeknights at 22:00, from 6th May until 24th May. 

Fatal Vows traces the deadly and tragic path from “I do” to “you’re dead” in stories of marriages beyond repair. The series uses personal interviews, family photos, expert commentary and dramatic reenactments to understand how the relationships deteriorate so tragically.

Fatal Vows answers the who, what, when, where, how and why it happened, showing us again that… Love may be blind, and marriage bliss, but divorce is murder.

Each hour-long episode of Fatal Vows objectively profiles the details of a settled and closed murder case associated with a couple's divorce.  Each episode is objectiv...

Murderers And Their Mothers
Saturday 25 September
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Murder Wall
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