Murder by the Sea - Episode 5 case details: Paul Longworth
By James W, Sunday 17th June 2018

Number of victims: 1
Date of murders: 8th January 1997
Date of sentencing: 27th February 1998
Tina Longworth (29)
Method of murder: Strangulation and hanging the body of the victim to fake suicide.
Location: Southport, Merseyside
Status: A judge sentenced Longworth to a minimum of 14 years. He was released in 2015.

Paul Longworth was the former Commodore of Southport Sailing Club who murdered his wife Tina on 8th January 1997, claiming she had committed suicide. Longworth strangled Tina with a length of sailing rope at their Peel Street home. He hanged her body over a bannister to make it appear like a suicide, while scattering photographs of their two young children – who slept only feet away – around her. Longworth then went for a birthday drink at the sailing club for an alibi. On his return, he dialled 999 sounding distraught and desperate, and woke neighbours to demand their help. As a neighbour who was a nurse searched for Mrs Longworth's pulse, Paul sat on the stairs, cradling her head and stroking her hair. It was only on further investigation of unusual marks found on Tina’s neck that the spotlight turned towards her husband and his attempt to get away with the perfect murder.

Despite repeated denials, Paul Longworth, then aged 38, received a life sentence for Tina’s murder. In a month-long trial at Liverpool Crown Court, the jury was told of the Longworths' turbulent marriage through gossip of the Southport Sailing Club in Merseyside, which was a major part of the couple’s social life. After seven years together, the marriage had run into difficulties. Paul had admitted to a friend, Dave Smith, that he had hit his wife, and on another occasion, Tina had accused her husband of raping her. As the marriage deteriorated, she began an affair with local firefighter Gary Silcock. "She met me for the same reason I met her - things were not right at home", Mr Silcock told the court. "She didn't want to leave Paul. She didn't want to hurt him and she couldn't leave her children".

Detective Inspector Bob Morrison, who investigated the murder, said he believed the couple had had an argument on the morning of Paul Longworth’s birthday. “He admitted he had ripped up a birthday card in front of his wife in the morning", Morrison said outside court. "He went to work and when he came back the argument continued". The killing itself was less a crime of passion than of temper, he said, "He is a ruthless and possessive man".

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By James W, Sunday 21st November 2021
Murderers and Their Mothers

This New Year's Eve get the story behind some of the most compelling murder cases of all time.

Murderers and their Mothers reveals startling new evidence and opinion about the relationships between killer and mother from experts. Each unique programme will explore which category each mother falls into.

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48 Hours investigates the most intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all areas of the human experience. Each week the show spearheads in-depth investigations into emotionally compelling stories.

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25 years after the premiere of Medical Detectives, it remains the most successful true crime series of all time.

Inspired by the O.J. Simpson murder case, Medical Detectives went onto over 400 episodes where science catches the bad guys. The 25th Anniversary tribute brings viewers clips from favourite episodes, with the most popular categories forming the background of the show. Exclusive interviews bring back the original production team for insights and secrets of the show.

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Murder by the Sea: Season 6 starts this November
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Crime historian and author Dr Nell Darby reprises her role as the host of Murder by the Sea in season six, as she investigates further cases of seaside murders, including a case in which Philip Manning, the perpetrator, sparked a nationwide manhunt after killing his wife in a small town near Newport, Wales, on Christmas Day 1994. And the murder of Margaret Wilson which took over three years to solve, with the police interviewing hundreds of leads and utilising state of the art technology to eventually catch the perpetrator.

In this new series of Murder by the Sea, viewers will join Nell on a journey to the cliff’s edge, where the land meets the sea...

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Posted on Sunday 3rd October 2021
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Medical Detectives (produced as Forensic Files in the US) profiles intriguing crimes, accidents and outbreaks of disease from around the world.

Follow coroners, medical examiners, physicians, law enforcement officials, journalists and legal experts as they put together the pieces of the crime puzzle. Cutting-edge forensic techniques and every piece of evidence available are combined with true-to-life reenactments and profiles of the people who lived through the events.

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