CrimeCon - The ultimate immersive true crime weekend partnered by CBS Reality
By James W, Monday 21st February 2022
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CrimeCon, the world's leading true crime event, will be hosted in London 11-12th June. It brings together leading figures from the true crime world, for over 50 hours of talks, live recordings and immersive experiences, making it the ultimate true crime event, offering attendees the chance to interact with one of the world's fastest growing genre through education, advocacy, and discovery.

CrimeCon UK and CBS Reality will bring together leading law enforcement representatives from across the globe, top level documentary makers, investigative journalists, prime podcasters, renowned criminologists, expert pathologists and true crime authors, to create over 50 wide-ranging hours of compelling and informative content through live shows, panels, immersive experiences, and live podcast recordings. The weekend itself is as interactive as possible while remaining Covid-19 safe - CrimeCon UK ticket holders will be invited to join criminologists to get inside the minds of serial-killers and shine a light on their victims, work alongside forensic experts to examine evidence and discover what it’s like to be a real-life CSI. They'll learn interrogation techniques, test their detective skills, meet police K9 counterparts (we have sniffer dogs), deep-dive into unsolved historic cases and, most importantly, meet survivors and victim's families - ensuring that those whose lives have been impacted by crime are never forgotten.

This year's lead speaker will be the globally recognised, retired US Detective Paul Holes, who worked on what's now known as "The Golden State Killer" case. His tireless work ultimately led to the cold case of at least 13 murders, 50 rapes, and 120 burglaries across California between 1974 and 1986 being resolved with Joseph De Angelo (an ex-policeman himself) being charged with the crimes.

Nancy Baughen CrimeCon's UK Event Director says, "There is no other event in the UK that brings fans and followers of this genre closer to leading crime experts".

The last decade has seen an inexorable global rise in true crime fascination, driven by armchair sleuths. Propelled by the popularity of factual entertainment channels such as CBS Reality, true crime programmes have become one of the fastest growing genres in the world of media, recently challenging comedy and sport as the number one podcast subject.

The unprecedented interest in the genre seen throughout Instagram, Facebook and YouTube is immense, and the momentum continues to build with TikTok where viewing figures of true crime influencers hit the hundreds of thousands. A sharp uptake from traditional media including national papers and dedicated publications such as Crime Monthly, as well as shows premiering on CBS Reality, Oxygen, Netflix, BBC, ITV, C4, C5 to Sky Crime has fulfilled the need to better educate and inform the ever-increasing true crime communities.

Confirmed Speakers
Alongside criminal historian, writer and host of CBS Reality original series “Murder by the Sea”, Dr Nell Darby, our confirmed speakers are Paul Holes, Emma Kenny, Colin Sutton, Nazir Afzal, Kerry Daynes, Honor Doro Towsend, Christopher Berry-Dee, Dr Sohom Das, John Sweeney, Mark Williams-Thomas – full listing here.

Confirmed Podcasters
'They Walk Among Us', ‘Mens Rea’, ‘UK True Crime’, ‘Handcuffed’, ‘Crimepedia’, ‘Generation Why’, ‘Once Upon A Crime’ - click here for the full listing.

Confirmed Interactive sessions
Police dog demonstrations, CSI experience, Analyse a crime scene, live podcast studio, interview techniques, identity recall workshop.

For ticket information click here.

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Wrap up for more Murder by the Sea
By James W, Tuesday 27th September 2022
Murder by the seas Season 7 Poster 2

Dr. Nell Darby is a crime historian and author who has dedicated her life to understanding the motives of killers. Over the course of her career, she’s developed a keen eye for spotting trends in a killer’s behaviour. Nowhere are these trends more striking than in the seaside towns of Britain’s coastline, which have always seemed to attract an extraordinarily high number of murderers.

As the new series of Murder by the Sea continues, viewers will join Nell on a journey to the cliff’s edge, where the land meets the sea, and where life meets death. At first glance, our seaside towns are all fun fairs, candy floss and breezy promen...

Holidays can be deadly. Murder in Paradise starts this October
Posted on Tuesday 27th September 2022

Murder in ParadiseMurder in Paradise is a new drama-documentary series which details jaw-dropping stories of dream getaways torn apart by a horrific murder.

Playing out like a whodunit murder-mystery, the series, twists and turns through shocking cases to reveal sensational real life plots, against the backdrop of the world’s most stunning vacation spots.

Each episode tells the story of how an idyllic trip in paradise turns deadly, and takes viewers through the compelling investigation that follows.

Murder in Paradise - Season 1 premieres 17th October at 9pm on CBS Reality.

Dare you open the Murder Book in October?
Posted on Tuesday 27th September 2022


In every police station, there is a room filled with boxes of unsolved cases of lives cut short. Each crime is carefully preserved in what police call ‘murder books’ and somewhere in there is the key to finding a killer.

Every episode of Murder Book follows a cold case recently solved by the determination of detectives, prosecutors, criminologists, and family members. These advocates resolutely pursue justice for little-known victims, sometimes for decades—until the killer is caught and made to answer for their crimes. 

This gripping series follows the twists and turns of these cases from their very beginnings, all the way through to legal resolution. Featuring i...

This month discover the Descent of a Serial Killer on CBS Reality
Posted on Tuesday 27th September 2022

Using Evidence Based Profiling, leading Psychological Criminologist and Former FBI agent, Dr Bryanna Fox, examines the course of a serial killer’s life in Descent of a Serial Killer. She will identify and explore behavioural red flags which occurred in childhood through to being an adult, onto the gradual pushing of boundaries and the descent of personal morality, culminating in murder and multiple murders.

The episodes will ask what the behavioural red flags were, could they have been stopped and would they be stopped now. Using Evidence Based Profiling and VICAP (the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program database) they can track the descen...

Brand new to CBS Reality, Cold Justice Season 4 this September
Posted on Monday 29th August 2022
Cold Justice Season 4

Cold Justice is a true crime investigative series which follows veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her rotating team of seasoned detectives Steve Spingola, Tonya Rider and Abbey Abbondandolo, as they travel to small towns to dig into unsolved homicide cases that have lingered for years without answers or justice for the victims. 

Working alongside local law enforcement from across the country, the "Cold Justice" team has successfully helped bring about 21 convictions and 49 arrests.  

Cold Justice: Season 4 begins 5th September at 10pm on CBS Reality.

Murder by the Sea is back for Season 7 in September
Posted on Monday 29th August 2022

Every summer, thousands of holidaymakers flock to the British seaside to enjoy the warm weather, pebble beaches and amusement arcades. But there’s a dark side to the British seaside, a sinister underbelly where sins are washed away by the tide. The quaint and idealistic seafront is also stalked by killers who, like the sea itself, have no respect for human life.

Dr. Nell Darby is a crime historian and author who has dedicated her life to understanding the motives of killers. Over the course of her career, she’s developed a keen eye for spotting trends in a killer’s behaviour. Nowhere are these trends more striking than in the seaside towns of Britain’s coastl...

Dare you uncover "The Truth About My Murder" this September?
Posted on Monday 29th August 2022

The engrossing original series The Truth About My Murder comes to CBS Reality this September.

When a murder is committed, it's always a race against time to find the truth - to separate fact from fiction, catch the killer, and to make sure that justice is served. But what happens when the truth vanishes with the victim?

Forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd has performed nearly 23,000 autopsies, inclusive of some of the most high-profile cases of recent times. He’s learnt that the dead don’t hide the truth and they never lie. Through Dr Richard Shepherd, you’ll be hearing directly from the victims. From a state-of-the-art laboratory, with ground-break...

Click For Murder
Posted on Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Weeknights at 22:00, starting on Monday, 8th August.

The internet has changed the way we live. It has changed the way we shop, the way we date and the way we work. It has also changed the way we kill. This chilling series reveals some of the most disturbing crimes in recent history where the internet has been used as a tool to trick, torture, and kill innocent victims lured from a virtual world where nothing was at it seemed.

Chance online encounters lead to tragic tales of obsession and murder, quests for companionship end in bloodshed, and spurned love escalates into a deadly game of lies and deceit. Presented by Crime Journalist, Donal MacIntyre, “Click for Murder” exposes the darker side ...

Stranger In My Home
Posted on Thursday 23rd June 2022

Double bills, Saturdays and Sundays at 21:00 & 22:00, from Saturday, 2nd July until Saturday, 13th August.

“A Stranger In My Home” tells stories of strangers – homeowners, guests, and neighbours – who come together under one roof. As these relationships begin, they’re full of excitement and anticipation. Both parties agree on an arrangement and gear up for an exciting new opportunity. As these relationships evolve, strangers become friends, revealing their personal lives and showing signs of trustworthiness... but looks can be deceiving.

This 10-episode documentary series traces the path where strangers cross the line into intima...

Inside Crime
Friday 14 October
10.00 PM
The Truth About My Murder
Wednesday 12 October
10.00 PM
Cold Justice
Monday 17 October
10.00 PM