Written In Blood - Episode 8: The Gangland Murders
By James Whittington, Sunday 29th October 2017

A feud between two rival Irish gangs, the Hutch’s and the Kinahan’s, is believed to have claimed the lives of several men. Written In Blood's Simon Toyne travelled to Manchester to examine the gang-violence and turf wars which inspired Marnie Riches' (pictured) book Born Bad.

Here are the tragic details from this frightening case.

Gary Hutch was a member of the Kinahan gang. Hutch had employed an associate to burst into Daniel’s Costa del Sol villa where he was holding a summit in September 2014 and execute Daniel, the son of gang chief Christy Kinahan and steal a suitcase containing €1 million in cash. The attacker was told to injure Hutch to make it seem like they the attack was done by a rival eastern European mob. But the plan was foiled when innocent champion boxer Jamie Moore, who had been on the property, was shot by mistake.

Hutch then returned to Spain following the brokering of a €200,000 deal to compensate the Kinahan’s
for his failed attempt to kill Daniel. Hutch’s treachery cost him his life. CCTV footage of Hutch’s last moments alive, shows him running down a long driveway which leads from the communal swimming pool. Hutch clearly did not know the layout of the area well as he reached a locked gate, with his attacker just 50 metres behind him. Hutch was shot in the back and fell face forward. The shooter then killed him with a second shot from 3 metres away. It was later revealed that Hutch’s killer had been waiting in the complex’s garage for Hutch since 8am that morning. After, the killer felt in a silver BMW X3, he then attempted to burn out the vehicle ten minutes away near Marbella but was stopped by a member of the public who ran out to stop the fire with an extinguisher.

Investigators later recovered a balaclava, mobile phone and two handguns which provided DNA evidence of the killer. On 10th September, James Quinn, a Kinahan gang member was arrested as he tried to board a flight at Madrid airport. Quinn was kept on remand in a Spanish prison while the murder investigation went through.

Hutch’s location was reportedly given to his enemies for just €5,000. Sources claim he was betrayed by a friend who gave the exact layout and location of the apartment complex to the killers. It might not have been an exact address but the killer was told when Hutch would leave in the morning and return in the evening.

In November 2016 Ian Dixon was also arrested over the murder of Hutch.

Hutch’s murder sparked the feud between the two Irish gangs.

Darren Kearns murder – 30th Dec 2015

Darren Kearns, 33, was shot outside Cumisky’s pub on Blackhorse Avenue shortly before 5:30pm on the 30th December 2015. It is believed that Kearns was collecting drug debts for a gang boss who is in jail for a pub assault, and that he was killed for losing €1.7 million of cannabis belonging to a gang he already owed €180,000.

Kearns was given six years in prison after being caught in 2010 for his role in a drug bust. Kearns told that he was only moving the drugs because he was forced too, after building up a debt of €180,000 for his €1,000 a day cocaine habit.
He was on temporary release when he was shot outside the pub, and it is thought that he had been followed by an assassin. Kearns was shot several times, before his killers drove away in a light coloured BMW 5 series that was later found burnt out.

Kearns was still serving his six-year sentence when he was killed, with his sentence due to end the next month. He was described as a “model inmate” and spent his prison sentence at Loughan House Open Center and Mountjoy Prison’s Training Unit. He had been granted temporary release a year ahead of the end of his sentence.

The prime suspect is mob boss Wayne Dundon. It is suspected that he was hired by an up and coming dealer based in the Cabra area of Dublin after Kearns refused to pay his debt.

David Byrne murder – 5th Feb 2016

David Byrne was shot dead on 5th February in the Regency Hotel. He was one of the capital’s most notorious gangland criminals. He was a key Dublin based member of the Kinahan cartel for years. There were six men involved in the attack, two of them dressed in fake Gardaí uniforms and were armed with AK-47’s. They entered the lobby of the hotel and one of the gunmen shot Byrne in the legs. As Byrne lay injured on the floor, he was shot in the head and killed.

Sean McGovern and Aaron Bolger were also both shot, but not killed. McGovern was shot in the stomach and Bolger in the thigh. All three men were friends and known to Gardaí, however none of them are suspected of being involved in Gary Hutch’s murder.

Patrick Hutch, 24 years old and the brother of Gary Hutch, was charged with Byrne’s murder. He was remanded in custondy when he appeared before a special sitting of Dublin District Court on Wednesday evening.

Eddie Hutch Sr. murder – 8th Feb 2016

It is thought that Eddie was murdered on the order of the Kinahan cartel in revenge for Byrne. Eddie was in his fifties, and he was shot around 7:45pm at Poplar Row, North Strand in Dublin. It is thought that at least four men are involved in his attack. They burst into Eddie’s house and opened fire with handguns. He was shot up to nine times before collapsing and dying in his hallway. His wife Margaret witnessed the attack, she felt out of the back of the house when she heard the first gunshots before running back into see her husband lifeless on the floor.

Eddie Hutch Sr. wasn’t considered a violent criminal. He had a number of convictions for small-time fraud and shoplifting. Though it is thought that he helped launder some of the proceeds from the heists mastered by his brother Gerry Hutch.

Noel Duggan murder – 23rd March 2016

Noel Duggan, 57, a friend of Gerry Hutch, was killed in The Old Mill housing estate in Ratoath at 19:45. He was sitting in a car outside his home at the time of the attack. He was shot multiple times just after he had pulled into his driveway. Duggan was known for his prolific cigarette smuggling, and was known as ‘Mr Kingsize’ because of it.

Martin O’Rourke murder – 14th April 2016

Martin O’Rourke was killed on Sheriff Street in Dublin, he was shot up to ten times in the head by an assassin wielding an automatic gun on a bicycle. It is believed that his death was a tragic accident and a horrific case of mistaken identity. Martin was 25, and a dad of three kids. He had been staying in a homeless shelter on Halston Street.

His killer is being hunted by both the Kinahan’s and the Hutch’s as we as the Gardaí. The Hutch’s want revenge for the killers attempt to kill one of their main enforcers and the Kinahans, who ordered the attack, have vowed to kill him for his mistake. It is believed that the killer had intended to take out a Hutch hitman, Keith Murtagh, who had been involved in Byrne’s murder.

The weapon used to kill O’Rourke, was dumped in a wheelie bin by the shooter. It is believed that the killer agreed to do the hit to clear a drug debt to the Kinahans and was not a trained killer. A source said “It was a very amateurish job. He didn’t have a mask, but a scarf that could fall down, he was on a pushbike. Where were the getaway cars and the scout cars that you would normally find burnt-out after a professional hit? There weren’t any.” The same source said that hiring junkies or those with drug debts is the latest way for gangs to sort hits on rival gangs, “these people are expendable – and very cheap.”

Michael Barr murder – 25th April 2016

Michael Barr was shot in the Sunset House Bar in Summerhill Dublin. Gardaí suspect that he was killed by the Kinahan gang because of his involvement of killing David Byrne. There was also speculation that the intended target was a me member of the Hutch family drinking in the bar at the time. There was a special sitting held at the Criminal Courts of Justice and Eamonn Cumberton, 29 year old man has been charged with Barr’s murder.

Gareth Hutch murder – 24th May 2016

Gareth Hutch was shot dead on Tuesday 24th May 2016. He was the nephew of Gerry Hutch, cousin of Gary Hutch and nephew of Eddy Hutch Sr. He was shot as he sat in a car outside the Avondale House Flats on North Cumberland Street. It was reported that there three to six shots fired and two handguns were found at the scene of the crime. There were two gunmen, and they had difficulty starting their getaway car, so they fled on foot before getting into a vehicle nearby.

On June 11th, Jonathan Keogh was arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency in London. In August 2017, Keogh was charged with the murder of Gareth Hutch. Jonathans sister, Regina Keogh, and Dublin man Thomas Fox are already awaiting trial for Gareth Hutch’s murder.

David ‘Daithi’ Douglas murder – 1 July 2016

David Douglas, 53-year-old, was killed in a gangland-style shooting in Dublin at around 4:10pm on Friday 1st July. He was shot multiple times in the head and chest outside of his wife’s shop. Douglas was killed by a single gunman who fled in a silver or grey Mercedes Benz CLA. A burned out car was found close to the scene of the crime, as well as a gun.

After the attack, Douglas was brought to St James Hospital in serious condition, and later pronounced dead. He had previously been convicted for drug dealing and he had also been marked out in another assassination attempt in 2015.

It is believed that there were two people involved in the crime, one of them shooting Douglas while the other drove the getaway car.

Trevor O’Neill murder – 17th August 2016

Trevor O’Neill was another instance of mistaken identity. He was shot four times in the back outside a Majorca supermarket after being mistaken for an Irish gangster. He was killed in front of his wife and three kids. It was revealed that Trevor had been chatting to an associate of the Hutch gang earlier by pure coincidence.

CCTV footage shows a suspected Kinaham hitman running towards Trevor 31 seconds before he fired a shot at his back as he walked with his wife and children. In another clip, the hooded attacker can be seen sprinting from the scene.

Police now believe the hitman who carried out the murder could have escaped to the mainland on a high-powered speedboat. The police believe that the hitman who carried out the murder is a ruthless, cold and calculated killer who the Kinahan cartel flew to the island to specifically carry out the assassination. Though only one person was seen fleeing the scene of the crime, detectives are now looking for up to two accomplices.

Michael Keogh murder – 31st May 2017

Michael died after being shot four times in the body. He was murdered in an underground carpark near his flat in Sheridan Court. It is thought that his death is revenge for the hit on Gareth Hutch and the attempted murder of James Gately in April 2017.

The police have CCTV footage of who they believe killed Michael Keogh, dumping a getaway car. The suspect had a specific grudge against Keogh.

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