Written In Blood - Episode 5: The Rachel Nickell murder
By James Whittington, Sunday 1st October 2017

In episode 5 of Written In Blood, Simon Toyne talks to Luke Delaney who was inspired by the famous murder of Rachel Nickell for his short story, Redemption of the Dead. (pictured).

On July 15th, 1992, Rachel Nickell and her two-year-old son Alex were out walking their dog on Wimbledon common, near where they lived. She was stabbed 49 times before being sexually assaulted, all in the presence of her son. A passer-by found him clinging to her body repeating ‘wake up mummy’. Alex had stuck a piece of paper on his mother like a plaster “to make mummy better”. Scotland Yard was in control of the investigation and quickly identified Colin Stagg as the perpetrator. Though there was no forensic evidence found, they asked a criminal psychologist to create a profile to see if he fit. They also used a female police officer who they called ‘Lizzie Jones’ to try to set a honey trap.

The police officer spent five months contacting Stagg by writing more than 40 letters to him, each becoming more and more explicit. At the end Lizzie was effectively demanding that Stagg confess to Rachel’s murder in exchange of sadomasochistic sex, however Stagg still insisted that he had nothing to do with Rachel’s death.

On August 17th 1993, Stagg was arrested and charged, and then held in custody for a year. In 1994, the case was thrown out at the Old Bailey by Mr Justice Ognal. The judge criticised the police saying they had shown “excessive zeal” and had tried to incriminate a suspect by “deceptive conduct of the grossest kind”. Stagg was formally acquitted in September 1994.

In 2002, a cold case team found male DNA that was not her husband’s or her son’s. In July 2006, Scotland Yard interviewed convicted sex killer, Robert Napper, who had already been held for ten years in Broadmoor Hospital due to suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and Asperger’s. He had previously been convicted of killing Samantha Bisset and her four-year-old daughter Jazmine in November 1993, just 16 months after Rachel’s death.

On December 18th 2008, he pleaded guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Justice Griffiths Williams said he would be held indefinitely at Broadmoor Hospital because he was “a very dangerous man”.

Robert Napper is also thought to be the “Green Chain Rapist” who carried out sexual assaults over four years in the early 90s. All the attacks were similar to Napper’s crimes and it is believed there could be at least 106 offences involving 86 victims. Napper first appeared on the police’s radar in 1989 when he was caught with an airgun, but was given a conditional discharge. Later, Napper confessed to his mother that he raped a woman, who immediately reported it to the police. Napper’s mother stopped all contact with him after this, and he moved into a bedsit.

The police issued an apology to Colin Stagg for falsely accusing him. Colin Stag was given £706,000 in 2008 for the false accusation. He received a further £45,000 from pay outs and publishing deals. Over the next few years Stagg spent the entirety of his compensation on luxury cars, holidays, charity donations and flawed business investments. His cars included a Range Rover, a classic XJS Jaguar and his and hers Kia’s for himself and his girlfriend. Stagg also bought a £80,000 council flat it Roehampton, South West London despite being refused permission to purchase it.

Written In Blood - Episode 7: The Boarded Barn Murders
Posted on Wednesday 18th October 2017

In this episode Simon Toyne travels to Cheshire to investigate the opportunistic crimes that took place at a remote barn house in Congleton. Husband and wife team Robert (Bob) and Carol ‘R. C. Bridgestock’ both used to work for the police and join Simon for this episode. After they turned their hand to writing, the shocking crime in this leafy rural village inspired them to write their book When the Killing Starts.

In 1979, Ann Carryer was moving out of the English country mansion she shared with her mother before her death, with the help of her childhood friend Elizabeth Blood. Ann...

Written In Blood - Episode 6: The Chalk Pit
Posted on Wednesday 18th October 2017

In episode 6 of Written In Blood, Simon Toyne talks to Elly Griffiths and investigates the tragic case of school girl Leanne Tiernan.

Sixteen-year-old school girl Leanne Tiernan was abducted whilst walking home from a Christmas shopping trip on the 26th November 2000, around 5pm. She was walking alone through Houghley Gill, an isolated and unlit path. John Taylor, 44, attacked Tiernan as she passed him, grabbing her from behind, tying her hands with a dog leash, covering her head with his jacket and forcing her to walk to his nearby home where she was bound with cable ties and strangled.

The search for Leanne became the largest in West Yorkshire. More than 1,000 properti...

Written In Blood continues through October
Posted on Sunday 24th September 2017

Written In Blood is the brand new CBS Reality Original series which brings fact and fiction together as bestselling thriller writer Simon Toyne meets fellow top crime authors to discuss how their works of fiction have been inspired by some of the UK’s darkest real life crimes. The series continues throughout October with a new episode each Sunday at 10pm.

Each episode delves into a different criminal case, employing reconstruction as well as interviews with the people closest to the crimes, from forensic experts to lead detectives.

As Toyne meets each author and learns how they adapted real-life events into best-selling books, we see how the horror of true cri...

Murderers and their Mothers concludes October 1st
Posted on Sunday 24th September 2017

Everyone is someone’s child, even a serial killer. How did the relationships between the world’s most notorious murderers and their mothers turn them into merciless killers?

Renowned investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre continues this second season of Murderers and their Mothers, investigating the childhoods and backgrounds of some of the most notorious murderers. This series explores the new criminological theory of ‘Mothers’, created from our first caseload of killers by Donal and Professor Elizabeth Yardley.

Each episode now explores not just the crimes of the murderers and their childhoods, but also aims to categorise their m...

Written In Blood: Episode 4 - The Facebook Killer
Posted on Sunday 24th September 2017

In this episode, Simon Toyne travels to Darlington to explore the horrific case of 'The Facebook Killer’ and talk to author Angela Clarke (pictured).

Peter Chapman committed petty crimes through his childhood. At 15 he was accused of sexual assault but the charges were dropped. Four years later, he was accused of rape again after girl he befriended fell pregnant as a result of the attack, but the police were unable to make the accusation stick and he once again faced no charges.

He then began to target prostitutes, knowing that they were vulnerable targets and that he was likely ...

Learn more of the crimes featured on Written In Blood with our exclusive Podcasts
Posted on Sunday 17th September 2017

New and exclusive to CBS Reality, Written In Blood looks at some of the most gripping crime thrillers written and the terrifying true crimes that inspired them.

Hosted by author Simon Toyne, he travels the country speaking to writers such as Alex Marwood, Howard Linksey and Mark Billingham, dissecting the crimes and how they were inspired by them for their books.

Each Sunday after the episode has ended you will be able to download a free Podcast that delves even more into the book covered in that week's episode. Week by week they'll become an indispensable companion to the series.

To learn more click here.

Written In Blood: Episode 3 - The Shoe Rapist
Posted on Sunday 17th September 2017

In this episode, Simon Toyne travels to South Yorkshire to explore the bizarre case of a man dubbed ‘The Rotherham Shoe Rapist’.

James Lloyd, a former print shop manager was the father of two and considered to be a family man and a pillar of the community. However, he would attack women from behind, take their money, drag them off, tie them up and gag them with stockings.

His committed his first offence in 1983, but when Lloyd stopped offending in 1986, the case turned cold and he evaded detection. In 2002, the case was re-opened, and with advancements in forensics and the use of DNA profiling they ran Lloyd’s DNA profile through the National DNA Dat...

Written In Blood: Episode 2 - The Child Killers
Posted on Tuesday 12th September 2017

In this episode, Simon Toyne travels to Liverpool to unravel the notorious story of the murder of James Bulger, the 2-year-old abducted and killed by two 10-year-old boys.

Bootle, Merseyside. On February 12th, 1993, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who frequently played truant, were hanging around the Strand shopping centre after skipping school. The boys were wandering around the shopping centre stealing items such as sweets and batteries and a bucket of pain, which were later found at the crime scene.

First the boys attempted to take a boy from a department store T.J. Hughes, before the child’s mother ran out and picked him up. Thompson and Venabl...

Written In Blood: Episode 1 - The Honour Killing
Posted on Sunday 3rd September 2017

In this episode, Simon Toyne travels to South London to unravel the unbelievable story of Banaz Mahmod–a woman murdered by members of her own family.

Banaz Mahmod was an Iraqi Kurdish woman who moved to the UK at age 10. When she was 17, Banaz was forced into an arranged marriage with a significantly older man who physically and sexually abused her. When she was 19, she left him and moved back to the family home in Wimbledon. She reported to the police several times that she was being followed by her family, even telling the officers that “if anything happens to me, it’s them”. Without her family’s knowledge, she started seeing Rahmut Sulemani until ...

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