September on Reality
By James W, Wednesday 31st August 2016

Murderers and Their Mothers
Series 1 Part Two with 4 New Episodes
Sunday 2100 from 4th until 25th September
Donal MacIntyre returns to CBS Reality to investigate more notorious killers asking if they were born evil or whether their relationship with their mothers turned them into murderous monsters. In one of these episodes Donal looks into the case of 20-year-old Adam Lanza who killed his mother before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School and shooting dead 20 children and six teachers in one of the bloodiest mass shootings in American history. Adam, who suffered severe and deteriorating mental health problems, spent his final months locked in his room playing violent video games and obsessing over mass killings with a cyber community of murder enthusiasts, only interacting with his mother Nancy via email. Many blame Nancy, a gun enthusiast who did nothing to remove her arsenal of weapons from the family home, for refusing to get Adam the help he so badly needed. MacIntyre and distinguished criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley examine this tragic case and ask how destructive this mother-son relationship ultimately was?

Killer Clergy
(Series 1)
Sunday 2200 from 4th September
They are pillars of the community, uniquely qualified to perform the sacred rituals of their faith and provide spiritual guidance. It’s tempting to think they are immune from the human frailties that affect the rest of us but men of the cloth are, as we’ll see, as flawed as we are and in some cases tragically more so. A shocking new crime series which brings together murder cases where the protagonist is not a friendless outsider adrift from society but a trusted man or woman of God. One of those cases looks at a Methodist Priest in Pennsylvania who claimed he was out for a run on 23rd April 1999 when he returned home to find the body of his wife of 31 years in a pool of blood at the foot of basement steps in their home in North Lebanon. She had a vacuum extension cord wrapped around her leg. The coroner made no determination as to whether her death was an accident or a homicide and the case was closed. Authorities reopened the case after Schirmer was charged with using a crowbar to kill his second wife, Betty, in 2008 and staging a car accident in an effort to conceal the crime.

It Takes a Killer

(Series 1)
Saturday 2100 & 2130 from 3rd September
It Takes a Killer investigates the world’s most notorious murders and takes you inside the minds and motives of the killers who committed them. Experts from the FBI, Scotland Yard and leading homicide investigators review crime scene evidence, profile each killer’s behaviour and describe the chilling forensic details of each murder scene. They explain when, why and how each perpetrator carried out the crime. They also tell us how the crime is solved. Sometimes you have to think like a killer to catch a killer.

Snapped: Killer Couples
(Series 5)
Weeknights 2200 from 5th until 16th September
Snapped: Killer Couples is a gripping series that features couples whose passion drove them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through recreations and first-hand accounts, each episode delves into the stories behind the couples' romance, how their relationship evolved once love transformed into manipulation and what ultimately drove them to commit heinous crimes. From teenage lovers who embark on a multi-state crime spree to lesbian lovers who stop at nothing to eliminate one of their husbands, viewers are given unprecedented access into these relationships gone awry.

Dog Patrol
(Series 1, 2, 6 & 7)
Weekdays 1600 & 1630 (double bill) from 12th September
Dog Patrol is an exciting series following integral roles that working dogs and their handlers play on the frontline protecting the streets, communities, prisons, airports, borders and national parks. We’re right in with the action following the real scenarios that unfold as a result of these dedicated hardworking dogs who work for the Police, Corrections Service, Customs, Ministry for Primary Industries, Aviation Security, New Zealand Detector Dog Services and the Department of Conservation.

Undercover: Sex Slaves
(Series 3)
Saturday 2200 from 3rd until 24th September
Investigations into a subject that is now a vast global crime. Human rights advocates estimate that every year almost a million women worldwide are sold as sex slaves.

I Survived
Weeknights Midnight from 5th September continuing into next month
What would you do if you were confronted with death? What gives someone the strength to survive? Is it luck, chance, instinct? In a stripped down, simple yet cinematic interview style, I Survived allows survivors to explain in their own words how they overcame unbelievable circumstances, offering insight into what got them through the experience that changed their lives forever. I Survived is storytelling at its most dramatic, most basic and most honest.

Medical Detectives - Special Weekends in July
Posted on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Over two weekends in July CBS Reality is dedicating its programming to the acclaimed series Medical Detectives with three themed events of carefully selected episodes.

For those new to the series, Medical Detectives profile intriguing crimes, accidents and outbreaks of disease from around the world. Follow coroners, medical examiners, physicians, law enforcement officials, journalists and legal experts as they put together the pieces of the crime puzzle. Cutting-edge forensic techniques and every piece of evidence available are combined with true-to-life re-enactments and profiles of the people who lived through the events.

Medical Detectives: Serial Killer Weekend - 14th and 15th July from 9pm.

More true stories from Death Row in July
Posted on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Season 3 of the gripping series Death Row Stories starts on 13th July and, as usual each episode will unravel a different capital murder case that has twists and turns worthy of a crime thriller.

All of these stories are true, and call into question the myriad of beliefs about the death penalty and the American justice system itself.

Susan Sarandon, who portrayed the Louisiana-based Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean who ministers to death row inmates and advocates for the abolition of capital punishment, will narrate each episode in the series.

Spend the weekend with Donal MacIntyre this July
Posted on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Donal MacIntrye ready for a whole weekend of his shows on CBS RealityCBS Reality is giving you the opportunity to spend a weekend in the company of the nation’s favourite investigative journalist and criminologist Donal MacIntyre on 28th and 29th July from 7pm till 1am.

Programmes include:
Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files where MacIntyre examines some of the most horrific and fascinating crimes of recent times through the first-hand experiences of the people who ensured justice was carried out. Then in Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved he investigates some of the most notorious and intriguing unsolved cases in the UK and Ireland, exploring how these cases have never successfully brou...

Murder by the Sea - Episode 5 case details: Paul Longworth
Posted on Sunday 17th June 2018

Number of victims: 1
Date of murders: 8th January 1997
Date of sentencing: 27th February 1998
Tina Longworth (29)
Method of murder: Strangulation and hanging the body of the victim to fake suicide.
Location: Southport, Merseyside
Status: A judge sentenced Longworth to a minimum of 14 years. He was released in 2015.

Paul Longworth was the former Commodore of Southport Sailing Club who murdered his wife Tina on 8th January 1997, claiming she had committed suicide. Longworth strangled Tina with a length of sailing rope at their Peel Street home. He hanged her body over a bannister to make it appear like a suicide, while s...

Murder by the Sea - Episode 4 case details: Colin Gunn
Posted on Monday 11th June 2018

Image of Colin Gunn from the series Murder by the Sea

Number of victims: 2 confirmed
Date of murders: 8th August 2004
Date of arrest: 17th March 2005
Date of sentencing: 30th June 2006
John Stirland (55)
Joan Stirland (51)
Method of murder: Gangland style execution shooting
Location: Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire

Colin Gunn ruled Nottingham by murderous violence and corruption. He ordered and oversaw the killing of the parents of a rival shooter, Joan and John Stirland, in 2004. Gunn's decision to order the murders took his organised crime cartel's violence to a new level. The murders were in revenge for the death of Jamie Gun...

Could you crack the cases in Trace of Evil?
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Brand new CBS Reality Original series Trace of Evil continues through June exploring and reconstructing some of the most intriguing and startling criminal cases of the past two decades, from the UK and Ireland to the United States and Canada. Discover how technology has changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice. Here are the four cases covered this month:

Episode 5 June 6th, The World’s End Murders: Edinburgh, October 1977: Christine Eadie and Helen Scott vanish without a trace. The police never stopped hunting for justice, even changing the law to bring justice.

Episode 6 June 13th, The Craigslist Killer: Digital forensics, traditional p...

Christopher Berry Dee - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Christopher Berry Dee is a former Royal Marine intelligence officer. He is now a criminologist who has interviewed over 30 serial killers. He says he gets inside their heads and forms a relationship with them to understand why they do what they do. Chris has been to four executions but says his work doesn't affect him emotionally: "I have to become as cold as the serial killers I'm working with. Serial killers are highly manipulative". He has had relationships with some killers over many years - to the point where they often open up to him and tell him things they don't tell police. Chris says some of the killers believe he is their friend.

He says that to do what he does, you almost have...

Paul Harrison - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Paul Harrison is a retired police detective who was one of the first British policemen to work closely with the FBI Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia.

He has since become something of an expert on offender and serial killer profiling. Since retiring he has authored 33 books, mostly on true crime, and has become an established public speaker on the topic of true crime (murder), policing, and psychological and offender profiling.

He also runs bespoke crime writing courses covering all aspects of the criminal justice system, and giving a low down on the police culture during investigations.

David Holmes - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018
Dr David Holmes became a Psychologist in 1985 and gained his Doctorate in 1994, specialising in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

He founded and is director of the internationally recognised Forensic Research Group and has published many academic books and papers, including the first comprehensive text on Abnormal, Clinical and Forensic Psychology in 2010.

Murder By The Sea
Sunday 1 July
9.00 PM
Killer Cops
Friday 29 June
10.00 PM
Trace of Evil
Sunday 1 July
10.00 PM