New To CBS Reality - The Day I Should Have Died
By James, Monday 19th September 2016

The Day I Should Have Died is a compelling 10-part series that, each week, covers a different survivor’s grueling and harrowing tale of cheating death. The first episode tells the account of Gill Hicks, a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings.

Other survivor stories in the series will focus on escaping serial killers, shootings and natural disasters. Here's stories the first five episodes contain:

Gill Hicks – 7/7 London Bombings

On July 7 2005 Australian, Gill Hicks (pictured), lay trapped in what had once been a train carriage, but was now a blackened, smoke filled. The blood poured from her body, despite the scarf she had tied on each leg as a tourniquet to stem the flow. Gill was the last living person rescued. Defying doctors expectations, Gill survived, having lost both of her legs. Today Gill is the founder of the London­based not­for­profit M.A.D for Peace and is a motivational speaker for peace, author and curator.

Mo Lea – The Yorkshire Ripper

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Mo Le was attacked with a hammer and sharpened screwdriver by Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper as she walked home.  The attack almost ruined Mo’s life leaving her with a broken jaw, a deep fracture on the top of her skull, fractured cheek bones, a deep cut over her left eye and two deep puncture wounds in the base of her neck that narrowly missed her spinal cord.  Mo now lectures art at Bedford University and donates 50% of the proceeds of her artwork to the charity Victim Support.

Steven Gault – Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bombings

Just a few days after his 18 birthday Steven Gault stood beside his father, Sammy Gault, a retired Royal Ulster Constabulary officer, at a Remembrance Day ceremony when a bomb exploded throwing Steven away from his father’s side. His father, along with 10 others, was killed instantly. Gault has been campaigning for years to get justice for his family and for the many other victims of violence during the Troubles.

Margaret Mountney – Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin married Margaret Mountney when she was 17, a whirlwind romance, after a year they separated. A few years later he married again, the marriage was violent and shortlived. Tobin then went on to meet Cathy Wilson and marry her at the age of 17.  The romance quickly descended to violence and rape. All three wives later gave accounts of falling for this well dressed psychopath who turned violent during their marriages.  Cathy was forced to watch as Tobin had violent sex sessions with young prostitutes. Only a 10­year stretch ­ for the abduction, rape and sexual assault of two teenage girls he had left to die in a gas­filled flat in Portsmouth, Hampshire ­ finally cut the tie he had maintained with Cathy and their son Daniel. He has since been convicted of the murders of three young women.   Today Margaret and Cathy provide each other with the support and understanding that only they could.

Caroline Langlade – The Bataclan Attacks

Trapped in a box of nine square metres, Caroline Langlade hid with 40 other people as ISIS gunmen opened fire in the Bataclan concert hall at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert in November 2015. Now Caroline runs Life for Paris an organisation which supports those survivors traumatised by the event.

The Day I Should Have Died starts October 1st at 8pm.

What Sins & Secrets will we reveal in March?
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Exclusive to CBS Reality, Sins & Secrets reveals the grim truth of the criminal underworld which can be found in every neighbourhood.

As slick and pacey as a contemporary cop drama, this new series uncovers brutal crimes which shook neighbourhoods leaving communities wondering who would be next and paranoid of every stranger in town.

This series shows no one can ever be sure of what is really happening behind the net curtains of suburbia. Using real life footage, dramatic reconstructions and witness interviews, the sins and secrets criminals have tried so desperately to bury are exposed.

Sins & Secrets Season 4 starts March 15th at 10pm.

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Each episode includes an in-depth interview with the key detective who solved the case in question. Using dramatic reconstruction, archive footage and police tapes, MacIntyre takes the viewer through all the twists and turns, the setbacks and the dangers, to the turning point that led to the case being solved. The viewer will find out what it takes to solve a complex case while witnessing ...

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This exciting series follows the integral roles that working dogs and their handlers play on the frontline protecting our streets, prisons, national parks, airports and borders.

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Uncovering: Intimate Partner Abuse (Wednesday 7th February at 10pm) is a one-hour CBS Reality Original documentary which explores and highlights the different elements of domestic abuse, including coercion and stalking, that so often lead to serious violence or homicide.

The programme reveals the patterns and warning signs that are present in almost all abusive relationships and explains the definitive characteristics of most abusers.

Jemma Cadle and Samantha Howlett describe their abusive relationships and how with support they eventually regained control and secured convictions. Other key contributors include criminologist and leading expert in domestic homicide, Jane Monckton-Smith (pictu...

January on CBS Reality
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Season 2
Wednesdays at 22:00 from 3rd till 31st January

This thrilling 5X60 CBS Reality Original series takes a fresh approach by bringing to life the nerve-jangling real audio taken from the killers’ confessions, which in season 2 belong to Dennis Nilsen, Aileen Wuornos, Peter Manuel, Stephen Griffiths, Robert Pickton and Gary Ridgway. Using actors and lip-sync technology, the audio will be bought to life and will allow the audience will be taken inside the confessions of serial killers, face to face with evil. These police interrogations will be complimented by drama recon of the crimes themselves and further supported by expert and Police interviews. Professor...

Enjoy stacks of your favourite shows this Christmas
Posted on Tuesday 5th December 2017

Every night from 23rd until 31st December at 9pm, CBS Reality is giving you the chance to binge on your favourite shows with nights stacked with the best in true life drama.

Saturday 23rd: Troubled Teens – Jail Shock
Sunday 24th: Voice Of A Serial Killer
Monday 25th: Urban Legends
Tuesday 26th: Murder For Hire
Wednesday 27th: Hoarders: Family Secrets
Thursday 28th: Stalkers Who Kill
Friday 29th: 48 Hours
Saturday 30th: Killer Doctors On Death Row
Sunday 31st: Unsolved Mysteries

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CBSR: You were the youngest governing governor at the age of 29, what pressure did that add to what must be an incredibly stressful role?

DW: The pressure was one of youth and inexperience. Quite apart from the personal pressures that come with wanting to do a good job, there were inter personal pressures too. Some older staff were all too eager for me to fall fl...

Ice Cold Killers
Friday 23 March
9.00 PM
Judge Judy
Friday 23 March
5.30 PM
48 Hours
Saturday 24 March
10.00 PM