New To CBS Reality - The Day I Should Have Died
By James Whittington, Monday 19th September 2016

The Day I Should Have Died is a compelling 10-part series that, each week, covers a different survivor’s grueling and harrowing tale of cheating death. The first episode tells the account of Gill Hicks, a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings.

Other survivor stories in the series will focus on escaping serial killers, shootings and natural disasters. Here's stories the first five episodes contain:

Gill Hicks – 7/7 London Bombings

On July 7 2005 Australian, Gill Hicks (pictured), lay trapped in what had once been a train carriage, but was now a blackened, smoke filled. The blood poured from her body, despite the scarf she had tied on each leg as a tourniquet to stem the flow. Gill was the last living person rescued. Defying doctors expectations, Gill survived, having lost both of her legs. Today Gill is the founder of the London­based not­for­profit M.A.D for Peace and is a motivational speaker for peace, author and curator.

Mo Lea – The Yorkshire Ripper

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Mo Le was attacked with a hammer and sharpened screwdriver by Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper as she walked home.  The attack almost ruined Mo’s life leaving her with a broken jaw, a deep fracture on the top of her skull, fractured cheek bones, a deep cut over her left eye and two deep puncture wounds in the base of her neck that narrowly missed her spinal cord.  Mo now lectures art at Bedford University and donates 50% of the proceeds of her artwork to the charity Victim Support.

Steven Gault – Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bombings

Just a few days after his 18 birthday Steven Gault stood beside his father, Sammy Gault, a retired Royal Ulster Constabulary officer, at a Remembrance Day ceremony when a bomb exploded throwing Steven away from his father’s side. His father, along with 10 others, was killed instantly. Gault has been campaigning for years to get justice for his family and for the many other victims of violence during the Troubles.

Margaret Mountney – Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin married Margaret Mountney when she was 17, a whirlwind romance, after a year they separated. A few years later he married again, the marriage was violent and shortlived. Tobin then went on to meet Cathy Wilson and marry her at the age of 17.  The romance quickly descended to violence and rape. All three wives later gave accounts of falling for this well dressed psychopath who turned violent during their marriages.  Cathy was forced to watch as Tobin had violent sex sessions with young prostitutes. Only a 10­year stretch ­ for the abduction, rape and sexual assault of two teenage girls he had left to die in a gas­filled flat in Portsmouth, Hampshire ­ finally cut the tie he had maintained with Cathy and their son Daniel. He has since been convicted of the murders of three young women.   Today Margaret and Cathy provide each other with the support and understanding that only they could.

Caroline Langlade – The Bataclan Attacks

Trapped in a box of nine square metres, Caroline Langlade hid with 40 other people as ISIS gunmen opened fire in the Bataclan concert hall at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert in November 2015. Now Caroline runs Life for Paris an organisation which supports those survivors traumatised by the event.

The Day I Should Have Died starts October 1st at 8pm.

Murder by the Sea - Episode 5 case details: Paul Longworth
Posted on Sunday 17th June 2018

Number of victims: 1
Date of murders: 8th January 1997
Date of sentencing: 27th February 1998
Tina Longworth (29)
Method of murder: Strangulation and hanging the body of the victim to fake suicide.
Location: Southport, Merseyside
Status: A judge sentenced Longworth to a minimum of 14 years. He was released in 2015.

Paul Longworth was the former Commodore of Southport Sailing Club who murdered his wife Tina on 8th January 1997, claiming she had committed suicide. Longworth strangled Tina with a length of sailing rope at their Peel Street home. He hanged her body over a bannister to make it appear like a suicide, while s...

Murder by the Sea - Episode 4 case details: Colin Gunn
Posted on Monday 11th June 2018

Image of Colin Gunn from the series Murder by the Sea

Number of victims: 2 confirmed
Date of murders: 8th August 2004
Date of arrest: 17th March 2005
Date of sentencing: 30th June 2006
John Stirland (55)
Joan Stirland (51)
Method of murder: Gangland style execution shooting
Location: Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire

Colin Gunn ruled Nottingham by murderous violence and corruption. He ordered and oversaw the killing of the parents of a rival shooter, Joan and John Stirland, in 2004. Gunn's decision to order the murders took his organised crime cartel's violence to a new level. The murders were in revenge for the death of Jamie Gun...

Could you crack the cases in Trace of Evil?
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Brand new CBS Reality Original series Trace of Evil continues through June exploring and reconstructing some of the most intriguing and startling criminal cases of the past two decades, from the UK and Ireland to the United States and Canada. Discover how technology has changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice. Here are the four cases covered this month:

Episode 5 June 6th, The World’s End Murders: Edinburgh, October 1977: Christine Eadie and Helen Scott vanish without a trace. The police never stopped hunting for justice, even changing the law to bring justice.

Episode 6 June 13th, The Craigslist Killer: Digital forensics, traditional p...

Christopher Berry Dee - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Christopher Berry Dee is a former Royal Marine intelligence officer. He is now a criminologist who has interviewed over 30 serial killers. He says he gets inside their heads and forms a relationship with them to understand why they do what they do. Chris has been to four executions but says his work doesn't affect him emotionally: "I have to become as cold as the serial killers I'm working with. Serial killers are highly manipulative". He has had relationships with some killers over many years - to the point where they often open up to him and tell him things they don't tell police. Chris says some of the killers believe he is their friend.

He says that to do what he does, you almost have...

Paul Harrison - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Paul Harrison is a retired police detective who was one of the first British policemen to work closely with the FBI Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia.

He has since become something of an expert on offender and serial killer profiling. Since retiring he has authored 33 books, mostly on true crime, and has become an established public speaker on the topic of true crime (murder), policing, and psychological and offender profiling.

He also runs bespoke crime writing courses covering all aspects of the criminal justice system, and giving a low down on the police culture during investigations.

David Holmes - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018
Dr David Holmes became a Psychologist in 1985 and gained his Doctorate in 1994, specialising in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

He founded and is director of the internationally recognised Forensic Research Group and has published many academic books and papers, including the first comprehensive text on Abnormal, Clinical and Forensic Psychology in 2010.

Donna Youngs - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Dr Donna Youngs is a Research Leader and Associate Director of the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology (IRCIP). She has researched in the field of Investigative Psychology (IP) for the past ten years, helping to shape its development. Her research addresses core IP issues, attempting to establish psychological correlates of offending styles, model criminal differentiation, and establish the theoretical bases of offence specialisation.

She has recently finalised books on Geographical Offender Profiling and has also finished the first major text on Investigative Psychology (all with David Canter). Dr Youngs’s keynote address to the European Association of Psychology and Law explored con...

Mike Berry - Contributor on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018

Mike Berry is an expert witness with over 25 years of experience at the Magistrates’ Court of Appeal, covering both criminal and civil cases, as well as at the Parole Board and Mental Health Tribunal. Mike’s expertise is in serious criminal behaviour (sexual crimes, homicide, terrorism, drugs, arson, fraud, violence and more) as well as high profile civil cases including the Alder Hey organs scandal, the James Bulger case, and the Liverpool crane collapse case, plus a number of Human Rights cases.

Berry has been involved in various aspects of lecturing and supervising on Forensic Psychology courses for many years, and has undertaken and published research which can be examined on Resea...

Robin Jarossi - Contributer on Murder By The Sea
Posted on Tuesday 5th June 2018
Robin Jarossi is a London-based journalist and writer, working mainly in magazines and online.

Around 10 years ago he turned to crime, writing short stories mainly, before recently writing a true crime re-evaluation of the Nude Murders in London, entitled The Hunt for the ‘60s Ripper. In addition, Robin is a member of the Academy of British Crime Writing.

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