Interview with The Jury Room member Tracey Haynes
By James W, Wednesday 24th May 2017

Starting May 28th at 10pm, The Jury Room is new and exclusive to CBS Reality. The show re-examines real murder cases where convicted killers have always maintained their innocence. The accepted facts of each case are presented, as originally seen by the actual trial judge and jury, to the twelve members of our specially selected CBS Reality Jury. One of the jury members is Tracey Haynes who we chatted to recently about her experiences on this unmissable series.

CBSR: We'll start by asking about your day job, can you tell us what it is?

TH: I am a Housing Support Worker.

CBSR: Have you always had an interest in the workings of courtrooms?

TH: I’ve always wanted to see how courtrooms work and to be part of a jury. Crime and the justice system was one of my interests and was my favourite elective at university.

CBSR: Have you had experience of being on a Jury before?

TH: I have never been part of a jury.

CBSR: What made you decide to be on this series?

TH: I have always wanted t be part of a jury and thought this my be the only chance I get to experience it.

CBSR: Did you have to prepare for each case or did you go into each one “cold”?

TH: Due to my education and job role, I have learned to be objective, so I was able to go into each episode and have an open mind. It was helpful that we had a small brief just before the episode so we could get a little background on each case. Mainly geographical points and small synopsis of the defendants history.

CBSR: What was a day in the studio like and how nervous were you?

TH: I was nervous to begin with as I had no idea what to expect, but it quickly subsided. I even forgot the cameras were there and just treated it as a debate or board meeting.

CBSR: How did you control your emotions during recording or did you speak your mind all the way through?

TH: There may be times that even though I do not come out with my raw thoughts during the discussion, especially when I disagree with someone, it will written all over my face. It has been something I have always struggled to hide, but I made a conscious effort to be respectful.

CBSR: Was it nerve-wracking?

TH: Actually it was very relaxed, the crew made us feel very comfortable and were so friendly, I felt comfortable very quickly..

CBSR: Would you appear in another series of The Jury Room?

TH: I would love to be part of another series. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would jump at the chance for another opportunity to be part of it.

CBSR: Tracey Hayes, thank you very much.

The Jury Room starts Sunday 28th on CBS Reality.

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