Murder by the Sea - Episode 1: Stephen Akinmurele Case Details
Posted on Monday 21st May 2018

Number of victims: 5 (possibly more)
Date of murders: 1995 –1998
Date of arrest: November 1st 1998
Eric Boardman (77)
Joan Boardman (74)
Jemmimah Cargill (75)
Dorothy Harris (68)
Marjorie Ashton (72)
Method of murder: Strangulation and burning
Location: Blackpool, Lancashire, Isle of Man
Status: Committed suicide in prison on August 28th 1999

Stephen Akinmurele was a suspected serial killer who was charged with murdering five elderly people between 1995 and 1998 and was accused of killing at least two other people. He confessed to several murders but committed suicide before his trial. He had a...

Meet Geoffrey Wansell, the host of Murder by the Sea
Posted on Monday 21st May 2018

In the new CBS Reality Original series, Murder by the Sea, Geoffrey Wansell presents an astonishing and macabre collection of real life murder cases from the coast of Great Britain. But there’s more to Geoffrey than just being a true crime author, he’s also a well-respected journalist as well as a celebrated biographer.

He cut his journalistic teeth by running the student magazine whilst attending the London School of Economics in the mid-1960s and in 1967 joined The Times as an editorial trainee for a publication that would become TES (Times Education Supplement). He proved himself very quickly and became the news editor in 1969. He continued to write through the 1970s including working for Londo...

New and exclusive to CBS Reality, Murder by the Sea
Posted on Tuesday 8th May 2018

Perhaps it’s the sea air or too much sun. But despite the jollity associated with sand castles and ice-creams, breezy promenade walks and donkey rides, many British seaside towns have a dubious reputation for hosting the most remarkable crimes.

Some of the most strange and terrifying murders ever recorded in British criminal history have taken place at our famous seaside resorts; the grand hotel splaying host to some of the deadliest murderers imaginable, and the seafronts doubling as stalking grounds for the most wicked of serial killers.

In the brand new and original CBS Reality series, Murder by the Sea, renowned true crime author Geoffrey Wan...

CBS Reality+1 is moving on up!
Posted on Saturday 28th April 2018

Ever missed your favourite show on CBS Reality and caught it on CBS Reality+1 on Sky?

Well, take note that your favourite +1 station is on the move.

From May 1st CBS Reality+1 will be broadcasting on Sky channel 246 so for all our brand new original programming and the best in compelling documentaries and hard-hitting real life dramas make sure you keep it +1!

Follow a Trace of Evil this May on CBS Reality
Posted on Tuesday 24th April 2018

Brand new CBS Reality Original series Trace of Evil explores and reconstructs some of the most intriguing and startling criminal cases of the past two decades, from the UK and Ireland to the United States and Canada, where technology has changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice.

Law enforcers once relied on an armoury comprised of a magnifying glass, a fingerprint dusting kit, and the instinct developed from years of experience to crack a case. Now, the twenty-first century investigator can boast a whole host of modern techniques which are wide-ranging in their application and devastating in their accuracy. When crime happens, it always leaves a trace.

Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries
Posted on Tuesday 27th March 2018

Top investigation series Unsolved Mysteries has been trying to crack the great bizarre stories and cold cases for years. Originally hosted by Robert Stack and then Dennis Farina (pictured), no stone is left unturned in this addictive series as the team search for the truth. But there are some stories that just cannot be solved, here’s our Top 5.

5. Bigfoot
Known under many different names across the globe, the legend of Bigfoot has stomped across the decades leaving tracks bigger than bin lids! Also known as Sasquatch, this folklore favourite has grown in sightings over the last five decades or so. Some say “it” is trying to save its environment from developers, othe...

Like some gossip? We have plenty in April!
Posted on Tuesday 27th March 2018

With commentary from public relations experts, pop culture examiners and lawyers, Celebrity Damage Control puts a spotlight on Hollywood’s most notorious scandals.

From driving under the influence and shoplifting, to battery charges and soliciting prostitution, we take a look at the moments before the fall, and find out what some stars did to survive the upheaval.

With more watercooler moments than you could wish for, Celebrity Damage Control starts April 2nd at 10pm

Donal MacIntyre opens more Murder Cases in April
Posted on Tuesday 27th March 2018

Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files continues each Wednesday in April at 10pm. Presented by the renowned undercover reporter and criminologist, Donal MacIntyre examines some of the most horrific and fascinating crimes of recent times through the first-hand experiences of the men and women who ensured justice was carried out.

Episode 6 April 4th: Donal MacIntyre interviews Detective Chief Inspector Martin Brunning to discover how the capture of killer Joanne Dennehy led to the discovery of a string of victims.

Episode 7 April 11th: Donal MacIntyre interviews former Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll to discover how he investigated the suspected mur...

What Sins & Secrets will we reveal in March?
Posted on Monday 5th March 2018

Exclusive to CBS Reality, Sins & Secrets reveals the grim truth of the criminal underworld which can be found in every neighbourhood.

As slick and pacey as a contemporary cop drama, this new series uncovers brutal crimes which shook neighbourhoods leaving communities wondering who would be next and paranoid of every stranger in town.

This series shows no one can ever be sure of what is really happening behind the net curtains of suburbia. Using real life footage, dramatic reconstructions and witness interviews, the sins and secrets criminals have tried so desperately to bury are exposed.

Sins & Secrets Season 4 starts March 15th at 10pm.

Voice of a Serial Killer
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