Teens Who Kill continues into April on CBS Reality
By James Whittington, Wednesday 29th Mar 2017

Teens Who Kill is an exclusive premiere series that explores how young people with the briefest experience of life are prepared to kill. Are these teens inherently evil or are they the victims of a system that failed them? Featuring key witness testimony, new interviews, archive footage and reconstructions, this sad and disturbing series explores such questions through extraordinary cases.

Episode 3 tells the story of Ben Moynihan, the Portsmouth teenager who stabbed three women as revenge for being unable to lose his virginity. Meanwhile, episode 4 explores the case of 12-year-old Sharon Louise Carr from Surrey, who was obsessed with death and violence, securing her place in criminal history as being Britain’s youngest female murderer. Also this month we investigate the cases of Brian Blackwell and The Doran Brothers from Liverpool, and Steven Miles of Surrey, whose stories are both gripping and shocking.

Teens Who Kill, Sundays at 10pm on CBS Reality.

Interview with The Jury Room member Bryn Jones
By James Whittington, Sunday 28th May 2017

The Jury Room is CBS Reality's brand new series that focuses on old cases and delivers evidence and accepted facts to a new jury. They are then asked to deliver their verdict on the case. Its starts tonight at 10pm and we chatted to one Jury Room member Bryn Jones about his experience on the series.

CBSR: What is your day job?

BJ: My day job is being a retired police officer. I do a little bit of acting and being an extra for film and television. I suppose my most famous role was playing a police officer in I, Daniel Blake.

CBSR: Have you always had an interest in the workings of Court rooms?

BJ: Being a police officer gave me an occupational interest in crime and trials especially whenever a case meant a Crown Court visit with a jury.

The Jury Room: Case 1 - Michael Stone
By CBS Reality, Friday 26th May 2017

In 1996 a mother and her two young children were viciously attacked whilst walking down a country lane as they returned from a school swimming gala.  The man repeatedly smashed them over the head with a hammer in an attack so violent that the mother and one of her daughters died whilst the other was so badly hurt that the assailant assumed she was dead. He even killed their dog. The truly awful ordeal suffered by his victims shocked the nation.

A year later, when an e-fit photo representing the man who had killed them appeared on TV, a psychiatrist contacted the police to say that it could have been his patient, Michael Stone.

Michael Stone was a highly disturbed and troubled man and a convicted armed robber and drug addict. His psychiatric nurse told police that five days before the Russell murders he had told her he was going to kill. His medical notes were full of murderous t...

The Jury Room: Case 2 - Andrew Feather
By CBS Reality, Friday 26th May 2017

In 2013 at around 2am beloved family man Barry Selby was viciously attacked in the bedroom of his home in Bradford by a group of masked men. Mr Selby had tried to prevent his attackers coming in to the bedroom but the door was forced open. The savage attackers shot him in the knee and then proceeded to pour acid all over his body causing 50% burns. Meanwhile his wife hid behind the bed, cowering in terror. Mr. Selby died four days later in hospital after suffering organ failure. This was the sickening murder of an innocent, hardworking man who died protecting his wife and daughters.

Loved and respected Barry Selby was a normal guy who enjoyed football and a drink on a Friday Night. He had nothing to do with frequent criminal on goings of the estate but ended up the victim of the most horrific murder the community had ever faced. It appeared that Barry had got caught in the crossfire of an ongoing feud between his son’s gang and another gang on the estate.

One of four men ...

The Jury Room: Case 3 - Susan May
By CBS Reality, Friday 26th May 2017

On March 12th 1992 in a quiet residential road in Greater Manchester 89year old widow Hilda Marchbank was found dead. Lying in her own bed she had been beaten and suffocated with her pillow during the night. The murder of this vulnerable elderly woman shocked and horrified the small town of Royton in which she lived.

It initially appeared that she had fell victim to a bungled robbery but crucially there were no signs of forced entry and nothing appeared to have been taken leading detectives to question whether the robbery might have been staged.

18 days after the brutal attack the woman’s niece was arrested when incriminating forensic evidence was found. Her name was Susan May and she had been Hilda’s primary carer, the person Hilda relied upon the most. Susan May vehemently denied having any involvement with her beloved Aunts death.

It was Susan that had found Hilda’s body during one of her regular visits to her home on the morning after the murder. Although ...

The Jury Room: Case 4 - Jack Whomes
By CBS Reality, Friday 26th May 2017

On a frosty night in December of 1995 the bodies of three men were found in a range rover on a country lane in Essex.

Their names were Patrick Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe, and they had each been shot in the head at close range with a shotgun. But these murders were not so surprising considering all three victims had a long history of involvement with violence and crime.

They had all been part of a drug smuggling gang, along with Jack Whomes and Michael Steele. The gang had met in prison a few years previously and kept in touch when released.

The low quality of Cannabis received in a particular run led to a dispute between Steele and Tucker. Steele arranged with the seller to return the low quality drugs in return for repayment. He traveled to Amsterdam to retrieve the money but did not receive a third of the drugs from Tate as he should have done.

Steele then arranged to meet the victims at the eventual murder scene to discuss a plan to smuggle cocaine into t...

The Jury Room: Case 5 - Ben Geen
By CBS Reality, Friday 26th May 2017

Between December 2003 and February 2004 at Horton hospital in the market town of Banbury 18 patients became inexplicably seriously ill. There was no connection between the respiratory attacks they suffered and the often relatively minor illnesses they were initially in hospital for.  Patients were mostly elderly and would go into a sudden decline, leaving them fighting for their lives. Two died from what has been described as ‘dry drowning’.

Staff became suspicious, it seemed that someone on the ward might be responsible, constituting the ultimate abuse of a position of trust.  They found that of the 18 cases Ben Geen was the only nurse on duty on every occasion.

The police were called and when they arrived at the hospital on 9 February, 2004, to arrest him they found a worn syringe he had discharged in his pocket that had been filled with vecuronium, a muscle relaxant. They also found traces of a sedative, midazolam. Ben Geen claimed he must have taken the syringe home by mistak...

The Jury Room: Case 6 - Omar Benguit
By CBS Reality, Thursday 25th May 2017

In the early hours of 12 July 2002 a masked man stabbed Korean student Jong-ok Shin three times in the back as she walked home alone from a night out in the seaside town of Bournemouth. Terrified and thousands of miles away from her family the 26 year old died from her injuries.

It was a random cowardly attack, she had no defense wounds as she didn’t even get the chance to fight back. The whole community, students and locals were horrified.

6 weeks later a prostitute with a drug habit called Beverly Brown who had known Benguit was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. She gave police hints as to who had committed the murder. Ms Brown told police that she drove 3 men to an area close to where the stabbing happened, picking them up later and observing that Omar Benguit had blood on his t-shirt. The witness told police she also saw Benguit wrapping an object in a towel, which he then put into a shopping bag and stored under a seat.

Police were unable to find any forensic...

Interview with The Jury Room member Tracey Haynes
By James Whittington, Wednesday 24th May 2017

Starting May 28th at 10pm, The Jury Room is new and exclusive to CBS Reality. The show re-examines real murder cases where convicted killers have always maintained their innocence. The accepted facts of each case are presented, as originally seen by the actual trial judge and jury, to the twelve members of our specially selected CBS Reality Jury. One of the jury members is Tracey Haynes who we chatted to recently about her experiences on this unmissable series.

CBSR: We'll start by asking about your day job, can you tell us what it is?

TH: I am a Housing Support Worker.

CBSR: Have you always had an interest in the workings of courtrooms?

TH: I’ve always wanted to see how courtrooms work and to be part of a jury. Crime and the justice sy...

The Jury Room - Podcast Details
By James Whittington, Monday 22nd May 2017

You'll all know by now about our brand new and exclusive series, The Jury Room, which starts Sunday 28th at 10pm. Well, you can go deeper into each episode with a dedicated podcast which is available to download now.

Each podcast is free to download and contains more background information on the cases covered in the series. Week by week they'll become an indispensable companion to the series.

The first podcast concerns an horrific attack on a country lane. Michael Stone was found guilty, but has always claimed to be innocent. Our Jury re-examine the case, and new evidence to come to their own verdict: guilty or innocent? What’s your verdict?

Don't miss the first episode of The Jury Room this Sunday at 10pm.

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